Extra Vocal

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Robby's New Thing

This is what he does with his days, now.

Sleep Happens

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When you least expect it...


What can I say - the child loves to play with nothing on but a diaper. It's very entertaining to watch him roll around in circles, too. He tries to roll over, but all he ends up doing is rotate around and around, screeching and cooing as he goes. I think he's part monkey, too. He's started playing with his toys with his feet.
Robby Playing


Won't you please feel sorry for this child?
He doesn't have enough toys to play with.
(This isn't even all of what he has.)

Robby's First Roadtrip

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This kid must have his mama's traveling gene. He did great! All he needed was someone to sit with him in the back seat and a couple of toys (along with the occasional feeding and changing, of course) and he was happy. He absolutely loved the attention he received when he got to Grandpa Bob and Grandma Terry's house. The kids rarely left his side - especially Sarah. She quickly got brave and learned how to make bottles and change diapers. Next thing we knew, she was carrying him around everywhere, changing him and feeding him when needed. It was a huge help to us!

The week was very easy-going and relaxing, unlike our past, fast-paced, fun-filled visits. We got to Mom and Dad's in decent time, only stopping once in awhile for short breaks and gas. We crashed early that night since we hadn't slept much the night before and then drove all day. The next day we celebrated Philip's eighth birthday and just relaxed and let everyone enjoy getting to know Robby. Monday, Mom offered to watch Robby while Matt and I went out to do a little clothes shopping. Tuesday, Dad and the kids took the day off to celebrate my birthday, since Matt forgot my birthday was actually on Wednesday and told them Tuesday. We all went to The Wizard's Chest - a fun toy and game store we always go to when we visit. We didn't find anything worth purchasing, I forgot formula and a bottle for Robby, and a huge storm blew in while we were walking to the grocery store to buy formula and bottles. It just wasn't a great venture out, but Mom was nice enough to make me a cake and I was sang to (much to my dismay) three or four times. Wednesday, Matt, Robby, and I went birthday shopping. I ended up with a new coat, some new kitchen gear, and a lunch at my favorite Colorado restaurant, Chipotle. Thursday, we did a little shopping and then took the two younger boys (James and Philip) to dinner and a movie. Friday, Dad and the kids took the day off again. That morning, we left Robby with the two older kids (they did wonderfully!) and Mom, Dad, Matt and I went to coffee. Then we went to the Forney Museum of Transportation. It was full of old trains, cars, and planes and was really interesting to walk through. Then we took the two older kids (Nate and Sarah) to a nickle arcade. What a blast! When we got home, we started packing and preparing for our trip home, but made time to play a couple games of Sequence and watch a movie. Saturday, we got up early, packed the car, said a tearful good-bye to the family and made our way home.

So, it was a great visit as usual. We really are thankful for our Colorado family and miss them terribly. I really got to know my in-laws and they adored Robby and kept threatening to take him (not really). Unfortunately, a lot of us got sick mid-week and Robby was teething off and on, but it was completely worth it.

I didn't take a whole lot of photos (most of them are from the museum), but you can view what a took here.

Denver or Bust!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Well, we're off to Denver to be with Matt's family until the 26th. I probably won't have access to the internet, so my devoted Chronicle fans will have to sit and patiently wait for the full detail of our trip when we get home. Whatever will you do without your Robby fix?

Off to the Mile High City we go! Toodles!

Hershey's Scarf

Like I don't have enough to do. Here's Hershey's finished scarf. It was really fun to make, but now I'm realizing with how rough Robby is with poor Hershey (I swear the bear will be bald by the time Robby starts school), perhaps a scarf isn't the greatest idea. Oh well. When he chills out on the used and abused creature, I'll put the scarf on him. But atleast it's cute for a photo.

Also, I thought I'd take a picture of Hershey with my Build-A-Bear, Gwen the bunny (yes, I have one) - because I'm a nutcase like that. Notice she has a homemade scarf, too. Sanity has left the building.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

I stole this from Sara. :)

8 Television Shows I Like to Watch…

1) Heroes 2) Chuck 3) Wretched 4) The Office 5) My Name Is Earl 6) Mythbusters 7) Ghost Hunters 8) Dirty Jobs

8 Things That Happened Yesterday…

1) Got up. 2) Changed and fed Robby. 3) Listened to Robby scream. 4) Wondered why Robby was screaming. 5) Started crying, myself. 6) Figured out Robby was teething. 7) Went to Kmart. 8) Watched TV with Matt before bed.

8 Favorite Places to Eat…

1) La Fiesta 2) Applebee's 3) Chili's 4) Red Robin 5) Olive Garden 6) Wendy's 7) At my folks' 8) Home

8 Things I Look Forward to…

1) Going Home to be with the Lord. 2) Going on our trip to Denver on Saturday. 3) Handing Robby over to his grandparents for the first time. 4) Robby's first steps. 5) Robby's first words. 6) Robby's first birthday. 7) Taking Robby to the park. 8) Watching our little family grow.

8 Things on my wish list…

1) To raise Robby to be a strong, Christian husband and father. 2) To please, honor, and glorify my Lord. 3) Our trip to go well! 4) To move out of this apartment and into a house. 5) To move out of this state! 6) Some new cooking gear. 7) A newer car (yeah right). 8) A new laptop (double yeah right!) .

Big Boy Stroller

Here's a picture of Robby in his "big boy stroller". Just a simple umbrella stroller, but he LOVES the fact that he can ride around sitting up. We had to get it for our trip to Denver to save on space in the car. His other stoller is massive and would have taken up the whole trunk!

The blue camo is SO not him, but it was either that or pink. We figured this was the lesser of two evils.

He looks completely un-entertained in this picture, but he was kicking and having a good time during our "test drive" around the house.

Baby Buddies

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here's a cute picture (courtesy of Sara) of Robby and Ben (Sara's newest). They're almost exactly two months apart. This was their first "official" meeting and they were completely unaware of each other. Oh well. In due time.

Three Months Old

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Technically, he turns three months on Saturday, but I'm doing this early since we'll be on the road to Denver (sounds like a book/movie title) on that day. Plus, I'm busy this week trying to prepare for the 12+ hour car ride and week away from home with a baby. Fun!

So, here's Robby the three month old. He responds to his name, loves to play on the floor with his toys and anyone willing to get down there with him, sleeps through the night, giggles and goos when tickled, and wants to sit up BADLY.

Black & White Kick

Monday, October 13, 2008

Okay, I admit it. I have an addiction. I just can't help it! They're just so...spiffy! Oh! I feel so much better, now!

Obviously, I love black and white photography. Especially with some candid shots or with a dark background. It just makes Robby's dark eyes sparkle. Luckily, we have black sheets on our bed that make a great backdrop for spur of the moment shots. I hope you all don't mind my monotone-ness.

A Thousand Words

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I thought I'd share some entertaining photos of Robby. He just cracks me up sometimes, but I guess I'm easily amused.Here he's looking very concerned about something. I love his deer in the headlights look.Here, he's discovered his foot and was tugging on his pantleg to get it closer for inspection. He was trying SO hard to pull it up - hence the funny look on his face.I honestly think he's storing nuts in those things. Either that or he's swollen.

Lazy Saturday

Saturday, October 11, 2008

There's nothing better than a lazy, snowy Saturday spent lounging in your pj's with the ones you love.

Please excuse my addiction for black and white photos.

Sweet Hubby/Goober Face

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Take a gander at what my Matty brought home for me! He said it was for "being a good mom". Aww! What a sweetheart. I'll definitely take payment in chocolate!

By the way, I've never tried Milano cookies before, but oh...my...goodness - those are nummy!

Also, here's a cute goober picture of Robby after his rice cereal dinner, tonight. He ate it all up AND downed 3 oz. of formula after!

That's My Boy

Don't look at me like that. I'll snap as many photos as I want.

He already has his Mama's condescending looks.

New Photos

Rice Cereal

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Since Robby has been slurping down formula like it's going out of style (6oz. every two or three hours), we decided to try rice cereal on him a couple weeks early. Boy, does he love that stuff! He was cranky at first because it was nearing bedtime, by the way.

For the past month, he's been staring me down while I eat, moving his jaw up and down, mimicking me. I guess all his "studying" paid off. He ate like a champ!

Same Baby?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Looking through Robby's photos, I didn't realize just how skinny and little he was. Especially when we were having issues with breastfeeding. We're almost embarrassed of the first photo.

Given, the first photo was taken when he was a week old, while the second was taken today at two and a half months, but still. He was skin and bones! Now, he's chub, chub, and more chub! Just to give you an idea how much he's grown - the onesie he's wearing in the first photo is skin-tight on him, now. Look how baggy it was! I feel so bad for the state he was in, but luckily it didn't effect him and we'll know better for next time. It just kills me to remember him this way.

By the way, please excuse the poor quality of the second photo. I was trying to snap it quickly, as he was getting increasingly more cranky before going down for a nap. I'm sure you'll understand and forgive me.

New Facelift

Friday, October 3, 2008

As you can see, I have a new layout. I'm pretty much finished with it...until I find something else to nit-pick over. I wanted a layout that had a little more class, maturity (even though it doesn't necessarily exist here), and that compliment my new favorite photo of Senor Roberto. Although, Matt was "kind" enough to point out that "he looks like he's wearing makeup", but I was going for a Kim Anderson or Kiddie Kandids' Precious Portraits sort of thing. Just as long as he's not 30 and wearing makeup, we're doing good.

I hope the masses are pleased with my hard work. If you spot any issues, please let me know via comment or email. Thanks!

Oh, and just to update you all on the teething situation - today went a LOT better than the past few days. I awoke at 7:30 this morning to Robby happily cooing and gurgling to his teddy bear, Hershey (he ADORES that bear and holds lengthy conversations with him all the time). He was happy and pain-free for most of the day. I know we're not out of the woods by far, but it was nice break.

Whoa, Slow Down!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Evidently Robby's made today his official "growing up" day. I wish he would have marked it on the calendar for the rest of us!

First off, he's been SUPER cranky since Sunday and we couldn't figure out why. I had a suspicion that he might be starting to teeth (it can happen as early as three months), but I wasn't sure. Day after day, he was gnawing on his hands and my fingers and screaming like someone had pinched him. Finally, last night we gave him some baby Tylenol to ease his pain and slight fever. Today has gone along like the rest of this week, but now he'll randomly scream out in pain, rub his tongue in and out like he's trying to feel his bottom gums, and pull his head to one side as if he's trying to get away from whatever's hurting him. While peeking into his mouth (trying to fight his squirming and smiling), I thought I spotted two little teeth buds starting to sprout from his lower jaw. I bought him some teething toys last night, but he doesn't care for them cold. And even though they're the smallest ones I could find, they're still way too big for his little mouth. Today he's been awake long enough to be changed, eat, and play for a couple minutes. Other than that, he's been sleeping.

Second, he's learned how to roll over. So far he's done it twice (both times I've tried to do tummy time with him in the past couple days) and can only do it when he has something lifting him up a little. It's a start! I managed to catch him on video today:

Rolling Over

So, as you can see, it's been an eventful day so far. Poor little bugger. He won't let me out of his sight. I really feel for him. Please pray these teeth break soon!

Best Friends

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think this is better in black and white. Ack! I'm gagging on the cuteness! =)

A Post Made of Chocolate

Tired of those same old boring brownies (yeah right)? You're in luck! Matt and I have found a solution for you! Andes Mint Brownies to the rescue!

Matt stumbled across yet another great recipe while...well, Stumbling. Make your favorite brownies as directed. Let them cool. Then take a package of Andes Mints and melt them with a double boiler. Pour over the brownies and let the chocolate harden again (you can place them in the fridge to do this if need be). Viola! A decadent, chocolate favorite with a minty twist that's very simple to make and easy on the budget. All I needed was a sprig of mint to top off my photo, but this is "budget gourmet", after all...even though these were made with Ghirardelli brownie mix.

Speaking of chocolate, I'd like to introduce Robby's new crib friend, Hershey. Hershey is a "beary" special (I couldn't help but fall victim to the cliche wordplay) Build-a-Bear made by Cher, Grams, and myself just for Robby when we all went to Boise this past weekend. So far, they seem to be hitting it off well. Hershey keeps Robby company while he's sleeping, being changed, and playing with his gym. He's even nice enough to let Robby chew on him when he's hungry (maybe we shouldn't of named him after candy). I plan (if I ever get a chance) to make Hershey a brown and silver scarf to match his namesake's famous wrapper. I'll make sure to post a photo of the finished product.