Holiday Craft & Vendor Bazaar

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm taking the plunge. I'm being brave. I'm taking a chance.

I'm doing a craft show!

I wasn't expecting this at all, but God kind of just plopped it into my lap. I was perfectly fine with running my little Etsy shop, selling to church family, and taking on commissions. I would never dreamed to do a...craft show! I'm actually quite stoked about it. Revamped my logo, ordered some business cards to use as tags, and am trying to hurry and finish some more items before the big day(s). Between this, commissions, and Christmas gifts, I'm getting a tad burned out, but I just gotta keep stitchin' along. I hope to pick up a book in January. Or do the dishes on a regular basis. Here's hoping.

Thankfully, I've been gearing up for the Christmas shopping season to hit, so I have quite a few items on hand. But a few more items wouldn't hurt. I pray it is fruitful; we could really use the money. So, until after the bazaar is over, my shop will be closed. It will be open again with whatever didn't sell. Hopefully, I just won't have to open again! Ha! Wishful thinking!

So, if you live in the Magic Valley area, come and check it out - December 7th, 10am-8pm and December 8th, 10am-6pm in Downtown Twin Falls. I'll be at Magic Valley Bible Church (our home church), so come and say "hi"!

To our families: Expect your gifts to arrive sometime after the New Year. Sorry ahead of time.