The Turtle and the Apple

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Matt has taken being random to the Nth degree. If it was an Olympic event, he'd definitely medal in it. From day one, he has done everything in his power to find the most random, out-of-the-blue statements he can throw at me, just to catch me off guard. He'd be quite proud to know that after 6 1/2 years of marriage, he can still make me go, "Huh???"

This is a prime example of his said randomness - the epitome of his off-the-wall statements. This is his legendary story of The Turtle and the Apple. How it started, I really don't remember, but I'm sure he threw it out there to get a reaction and to make me laugh. It still works today. So, I give you...The Turtle and the Apple.

"Think of it this way - there's a turtle and an apple. The turtle takes a bite out of the apple. This upsets the apple, so the apple starts to eat the turtle. The apple all of a sudden realizes that it's an inanimate object and immediately stops eating the turtle. Now, the turtle's in a pickle - well, really an apple. The turtle then decides to start eating his way out of the apple, but accidentally bites into an apple seed. Because of this fatal mistake, the cyanide in the apple seed kills the turtle.

The moral of the story? When you find yourself in a pickle, be glad you're not in an apple."

Now I Agree with my ABC's...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I bought a pack of alphabet flash cards from the Dollar Spot at Target awhile back for Robby. I've started using them with him while he eats breakfast in the morning, since he's contained and can't steal the cards like he wishes. Each card has a picture, the word, and then the letter on the back. At this point, I'm just trying to teach him words, since he won't really say anything outside of babbling mixed with a somewhat recognizable word scattered here and there - usually "Dada". This is usually how our "sessions" go:

Me: *holds up card* ""
Rob: *nods in agreement* *indistinguishable babble*
Me: *holds up next card* "Bird...bird."
Rob: *nods in agreement* *indistinguishable babble*

26 times he does this. Just nods in agreement and gives me that look that says, "Yes, Mother. Good job. That's a bird. Daddy would be proud of you."

Despite his silent mocking, I'm glad he atleast knows how to nod "yes".

Lake Cleveland

Here's some pictures from our day trip to Lake Cleveland, last weekend. Lake Cleveland is a mountain lake in the Sawtooth National Forest near Pomerelle Ski Area near Albion. It was so beautiful up there and we all had a great time getting out of the house!

Meatball Subs Recipe

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Definitely an easy favorite in this household. This is another meal I kind of made up as I went along, so please excuse the poor directions. Easily can be substituted for varying tastes and family sizes.

Meatball Subs

1 lb. regular pork sausage
1 lb. ground beef
1 can or jar spaghetti sauce
1 egg
bread crumbs
grated parmesan cheese
garlic powder
shredded mozzarella cheese
hoagie rolls

Combine sausage, beef, egg, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and garlic together with hands in a large bowl. Knead together until fully combined. **Note: Seasonings (parmesan cheese and garlic) are to taste. Bread crumbs should be added until mixture sticks together in order to form balls, but not too dry that they fall apart. Add small amounts until desired consistency is achieved.** Form into 2 inch balls and place into hot skillet. On medium heat, cover, flip over when one side is brown, and cook until meat is no longer pink inside. Add spaghetti sauce and simmer on low for five minutes. Place meatballs and sauce on hoagie rolls and top with mozzarella cheese. Enjoy.

First Ultrasound

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby #2 says, "Hello world!"
(Click to view larger.)

We had our first ultrasound today and I was blessed to be able to see our little "gummy bear" for the first time. Our baby is growing right on track and it's heartrate was 176 BPM. I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching ultrasounds. They fascinate me; especially when the little on starts wiggling around on the screen. They tried to give us a 3D picture, but the little one was snuggled up really close to me, so it blended in. I was told that they would try again at my next ultrasound around 20 weeks.

We are so very blessed!

First Prenatal Appointment

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I had my first prenatal appointment today, and I was dreading it. I hate this part. Doctors sure know how to suck the joy right out of having a baby, it seems, but I was proven wrong, thankfully. I'm going with a different doctor this time; doctors, rather. I'm going to St. Luke's OB/GYN, so I'll have six different doctors looking after me. Something I wasn't thrilled about before, but I think it will ultimately work out to my advantage.

Since our second car is now dead (R.I.P. Gertrude), I had to beg from my aunt, who was kind enough to watch Rob and let me use her car. I went in and filled out all the necessary paperwork, as usual, and then waited. First, I saw what I assume to be a nurse of some sort. I wasn't really sure. She weighed me (I was lighter than I thought) and then she took my blood pressure, which was perfectly normal this time (I gave her fair warning beforehand, though). We then played 2o questions: "When was your last period?" "How was your last pregnancy?" "Would you every steal a monkey from the zoo?" (Okay, I made that last one up.) Then, I got to pee in a cup, strip down into a gown that was about ten sizes too small, and then wait some more (most thrilling part of my day). Finally, someone else came to visit me. A physician's assistant, who was incredibly nice and down to Earth. Very refreshing. We played another round of 20 questions and we talked about the nightmares of my pregnancy with Rob. Thankfully, it seems like I'll have a LOT more say in things. I found out that our hospital indeed does VBAC's (vaginal birth after c-section) and I might be a good candidate, but we would have to see how things are in the end to really make sure. I'll have to discuss things further with the actual doctor next time (October 8th) to find out what he suggests (I get the doctor who did my c-section). Of course, the issue of my weight came up, but only briefly. No nagging or scolding, just suggesting that I really watch what I eat and make sure to drink lots of water and watch my sodium intake to keep my blood pressure low. A pap and four viles of blood later, I was on my way home with an arm-load of books and information to look over.

They scheduled our first ultrasound (already!) for Monday morning, so I'm looking forward to that (somewhat - not the "ooh, warm goop on my belly" kind - the "oh, can I please find a hole and hide myself?" kind). The PA told me that I might end up with more than just the usual two ultrasounds (one around 12 weeks and one around 21 weeks) because of my issues last time and because of my unsure delivery state (VBAC or c-section). That's also the reason why I'm having an earlier ultrasound than usual, now. I think there might have been more wrong than what Dr. Dan was letting on judging by the PA's reactions to some of things I told her about my pregnancy/birth experience, but, of course, that doesn't matter, now. Rob's perfectly healthy and God spared us the worry, but I know better for this time and it sounds like I'll have better care. I'm very glad I decided to switch!

I will post pictures when I get them.

At the Fair

Saturday, September 5, 2009

At the Fair - Filer, Idaho - 2009
Can't get much cuter than that.

Needless to say, Robby loved the fair. Especially the animals! Matt and I enjoyed the fair as well, walking away with four blue ribbons, one red ribbon, and one green ribbon between us from our photos. A whole $14 in winnings (exactly what we paid to get INTO the fair)!

Little Climber

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My son now thinks he's part mountain goat.

Robby climbed up on the couch all by himself yesterday. He half ripped off the couch cover in the process, but as he sat proudly on the couch, he celebrated with his usual clapping and shouts of something that resembles "I did it!". All that stuff on the back of the couch? Had to be relocated. And now there's no stopping him. He climbs all over the place. On the couch, on your lap, into your bowl or plate. Now I have the whole front of the couch lined with pillows, because he also thinks it's fun just to roll off. He wears a guilty look because I think he thought he was in trouble. As soon as I got up to take his picture, his partying stopped and he looked a little nervous.

Kids: Burden or Blessing?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The world sees children as just another financial expense or even a waste of their hard-earned cash, but God sees them as a blessing and a reward (Psalm 127:3). How selfish can we be when we see children as just a strain on our pocketbooks and savings accounts, but don't think twice about buying that new car or tv for ourselves? Yes, children are by no means cheap, but I couldn't think of a better way of "investing" what money God has provided for us and I will happily remain "poor" if it means I have my children. They were given to me by God Himself and I am truly blessed because of it. I wouldn't have it any other way - even if it meant we were able to have a house, a new car, and everything we've ever wanted.

You keep your "stuff". I'll love my kids.

"The poorest nations in the world see children as a blessing. The richest nation in the world, we talk about children in terms of how many we can afford. God help us. [Christians] are dying one generation at a time because we refuse to receive the gift that God wants to bring through the womb." - Pastor Voddie Baucham
(Excerpt from the sermon below.)