Meet The Marshalls

Matthew (aka "Daddy") is a Colorado native, who has been stuck living in Idaho since 2002. Him and Jenn were married in 2003, got saved together in 2007, and had two precious boys together in 2008 and 2010. Matt has worked as a Delivery Driver for Pepsi since 2006.

When not delivering sugary, carbonated beverages, Matt enjoys shooting, being a smart aleck, pushing his wife's buttons, sleeping, and rough-housing with his boys.

Jennifer (aka "Mama") is a born and raised Idahoian, starting in the north and now living in the south. She is the main contributor to this blog and has been at it, life permitting, since 2008, just prior to the birth of their first son, Robert. When not blogging about motherhood and life, Jenn makes crafty items for Busy Hands and shuttles children around. She also is the owner/photographer of Marshall Photography.

In her spare time, Jenn enjoys photography, crocheting and knitting, games, being sarcastic, and laughing.

Robert (aka "Robster") was born in July of 2008 and has been a joy from the moment he arrived. Much prayed over and hoped for by his once-infertile parents, Rob was, and continues to be, an immense blessing in his parents' lives. He's always eager to please and entertain.

Rob enjoys being weird and silly, LEGOs, Minecraft, Pokemon, school, AWANA, asking a bajillon questions, incessantly talking, and eating -- especially pickles.

Andrew (aka "Drewski") came screaming into this world in March of 2010. Born with GERD (later to be diagnosed as lactose intolerance) and a bad attitude, he spent a great deal of his first year screaming his head off. Despite this, his family dearly loved him and tried to make him as comfortable as possible - while trying not to lose their minds in the process.

Today, Drew still is a moody little boy sometimes, but has a huge heart. He also loves LEGOs, Minecraft, Pokemon, and some aspects of school. He wouldn't want you to know that he is one, big tickle spot.

We love each other, forgive each other, and are here for each other -- no matter what!