Twink Comes Home

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Twink Comes Home
Based on a True Story by Jennifer Marshall

Once upon a time, there was a little girl travelling with her grandparents. They were whizzing down the highway in their motorhome, just outside of Missoula, Montana, when the little girl decided to play with her Rainbow Brite Twink Doll near a window. The little girl did not realize that the window was open and before she knew it -- whoosh! Twink was gone! The little girl cried frantically, "Grandma, Grandpa --- Twink fell out the window!", but it was too late. There was no where to pull off and retrieve the toy.

When they returned to their home in Idaho, the little girl begged her grandfather, who drove a truck, to search for the little doll whenever he passed through the area. Each and every time the grandfather returned from a trip near the spot where Twink took his fateful flight, the little girl would run and meet him at the door, asking with great hope in her bright eyes if he had finally found her tiny friend. With sadness, the grandfather had to break the hard news to her that he had searched, but had not yet found Twink. The little girl slumped and turned to walk away, once again missing her beloved doll.

Many years rolled by and soon the doll was forgotten, but remembered from time to time and shared as a charming tale at family get togethers. The little girl was no longer little and no longer needed her doll, but she still remembered how sad she felt when she lost poor Twink and wondered what had become of him. Soon, she had children of her own and recounted the story to them. Her two boys sat and listened intently to the story of the wayward Twink, also wondering what had happened to him. "Perhaps we'll never know," their mother told them.

One sunny afternoon, exactly one week before Christmas, a strange, small white package arrived at the girl's house. Upon examination, the girl found that the package was from her grandmother in Arizona. "Probably Christmas presents for the boys," she muttered to herself. She tossed it aside and shuffled back to the kitchen to fill her mug with fresh coffee. But curiosity suddenly struck her and soon she was hastily tearing away the wrapping, eager to find the contents of the mystery box. A funny thought crossed her mind, as she opened the re-purposed Christmas lights box to find an item simply wrapped in a paper towel along with a note. "I really hope it's not a dead road runner or jack rabbit," she chuckled to herself. Her grandmother was well known for her quirky sense of humor and it would not of surprised her to find such a "gift" hidden inside. She set the oddly-shaped item aside and opened the note. Neatly written on a piece of yellow note paper was a letter, which read:

"Dear Jennifer,

A lot has happened to me since that fateful day I blew out of the motorhome window just out of Missoula, MT.

I do not blame you for the accident -- I know you were just having fun tippy-toeing me along the window sill and you didn't realize it was open -- a little tooooo close and out I went --- POOF!

I remember seeing your startled face as I drifted out. I heard your plaintive voice as you cried, "Grandma, Grandpa --- Twink fell out the window!" My little life flashed before me as I floated into space. I watched from the tangle of brush beside the road as the motorhome disappeared into the distance. Oh woe is me! And where is me?!

I lay there for quite a while -- through rain, snow, exhaust fumes, and the roar of traffic. Every once in a while your grandpa would go by in his big red feed truck. He would slow down and look for me. I would feebly wave my little arms, but to no avail --- he never saw me.

Then, one day a car stopped nearby, they had a flat tire. As the man was changing the tire, a little girl stood watching. Her father told her to stand back farther from the highway. As she moved back something caught her eye. It was me -- tangled in a bush. She gently picked me up and dusted me off. Oh, it was so good to be held again! I went to live with her for a long time. When she outgrew me, she put me on eBay. Your grandma found me and now I have found you again.

I am SO happy!

Love, Twink"

Tears streamed down the girl's face as she finished the letter. Her thumb gently caressed Twink's smiling face and she gave him a little squeeze. "Welcome home, old friend. I've missed you all these years. No more windows for you."

Twink now lives happily on the family's living room shelf, enjoyed and loved on by the girl's own children, far away from any windows or highways. He was finally home.

The End

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Busy, Busy Hands

Monday, September 15, 2014

Chunky Heart Pillow

Pattern: my own design

Claudia Scarf

Autumn Sunflowers and Apples Wreath

Pattern: various patterns to make up the decor

Lacy Round Ripple Baby Afghan with Matching Button Beanie

Lacy Autumn Squares Afghan (very proud of this one!)

Pattern: Lacy Cross and Daisy Chain blocks from 200 Crochet Blocks; Border #93 from Around the Corner Crochet Borders

I used these books to make my Lacy Autumn Squares Throw. They are worth their weight in gold! If you're a fellow crocheter, I highly recommend you put these in your arsenal.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's been a tough summer.

A busy, tough summer.

Matt and I have had to face some pretty hard situations and it's rubbed our marriage almost threadbare a few times. Yet, here we are, by the grace of God.

I know I rarely write anything personal here, anymore. Life is crazy like that. I generally only have time or energy just to post photos of the boys, a quick entry about our last adventure, or a plug for my businesses. But this weighed on my heart and I thought it was a nice reminder to other wives who may be struggling like I am.

It seems like when life gets nuts...when the storms come rolling in...when you're nothing more than roommates because you never have a moment together, everything you loved about your husband or know about what God had planned for your marriage goes out the window. You forget exactly what your marriage means and what your role in it really is. Statements are made without thought and feelings are hurt. Bitterness and resentment begin to creep in. Anyone with me?

I know this feeling all too well.

When life squeezes and stresses me, I drift farther and farther from my beloved, rather than rely on him to pray for me and guide me, and it gets to the point where I forget the basics of what we are, together. It's so easy to forget. Too easy. And it's miserable.

I was pondering this last night, as I was laying there in bed trying to sleep. It sounds silly, but I make myself "lists" of basic reminders to review when I'm really in a funk. Generally, it helps right my perspective and snaps me out of whatever ditch I've dug myself into. So, here is my "wife reminder" of the things I think are important for a godly marriage. It may differ from what you deem important, but, if anything, this is a reminder for ME. I call it "I Want to Give Him my H.E.A.R.T."

H: I want to give him my HONESTY. Do not hide things from him. Do not lie to him. Do not bottle up what's bothering you. God created him to be your helpmate, just as you are his (Genesis 2:18). Let him help and guide you through whatever is troubling you, through the Word or through prayer. Even just voicing your worries and woes to a loving, listening ear makes all the difference. He is my best friend, after all.

E: I want to give him my EAGERNESS. We should be eager to show our husbands love and affection, because loveless marriages are dead marriages. Without sex or any sort of emotional bond, bitterness and temptation can quickly seep in, driving the wedge between you even more (1 Corinthians 7:5).

A: I want to give him my ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Marriage is meant to be an example of the relationship of Christ and His church (Ephesians 5:22-32). We must acknowledge our husbands as the head of our households, if he is indeed in Christ, and allow him to guide us spiritually by submitting to him. We don't like that idea, generally, in this feminist-laden era. The Bible talks about women being the "weaker vessel" (1 Peter 3:7), in that we are more emotionally-driven than our male counterparts and have a greater tendency to be irrational and illogical -- especially during particular times of the month. (If you have found a way to master that, kudos, but I'll be the first to admit that I can be one hot mess sometimes and I'm glad that my husband doesn't have to deal with hormones and tears when trying to make a clear-thinking decision.) This does not mean that our ideas or concerns should not be heard or taken into account. Marriage (and parenthood) should always be a team effort, but I acknowledge my husband as the head by being respectful of his decisions for our household and not try to undermine him at every chance.

R: I want to give him my RESPECT. As I said before, he deserves my respect for his role as head and for me not to bad-mouth him to my friends or family. No eye-rolling, name-calling, or tearing down during discussions -- especially heated ones. Is it giving God glory by being rude and uncivil towards him? Is it showing him Christ-like love? Not at all. You're not a teenager. PMS isn't an excuse. Act and talk like an adult. And if you did happen to fly off the handle at him, repent. ASAP. (Ephesians 4:32)

T: I want to give him my TRUST. This one is especially hard for me. I've been burned by people a lot in my life, so full trust in anyone is almost impossible for me. God is working on me. We must trust our husbands wholeheartedly. You have to keep in mind that he is a sinner, like you, and will disappoint you. You will sin against him and disappoint him, too. I was once told that marriage was two sinners trying to live selfishly together. This is true. But if you don't trust your husband to care for your well-being, love you, and guide you in Christ, you're sunk. What is any relationship without trust? Broken. But, ultimately, our faith and trust must in the Lord, first and foremost (Jeremiah 17:7), causing it, in turn, to flow into our marriages.

Now, this is assuming you're both saved and both on the same page, theologically. If not, you need to go here. And, as I said, this isn't meant for everyone. Everyone's situations are different, but these speak to my marriage, which is imperfect and flawed, but also wonderful, love-filled, and totally worth it. I can't imagine life without my best friend and helpmate. That's why I strive so hard to make it work. Yours is worth it, too.

"[Jesus] answered, 'Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, 'Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.'"
-Matthew 19:4-6-

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Made these cute little ornaments for my Rob's teachers as (suck up) gifts. I just love 'em!

First Day of School

First day of school! Drew will be doing preschool with me (but I bet he blows through to kindergarten) and Rob is starting 1st grade with Ms. Lark. They were both sooooo excited this morning!

Chevron Baby Blanket

Southwestern Cables Afghan

Monday, August 4, 2014

This afghan was requested by my grandmother for their home in Arizona. It was an honor!

Triangle Baby Buntings

Real Salt Lake Soccer

Monday, July 21, 2014

We had the wonderful opportunity to go see a Real (pronounced "Ree-al") Salt Lake soccer game down in Sandy, Utah this weekend in honor of Rob's birthday. Thanks to"unnamed benefactor", we scored field-side tickets, along with dinner beforehand. Matt has seen a MLS game before, but the boys and I had not. We decided to make it a mini family vacation and stayed the night (also to avoid having to drive home super late). It was so much fun!

The sprinklers were a welcome cooling off on the hot, hot day!

My goofy crew, ready to watch some soccer!

Something called the Parade of Kings. Not sure what that was all about, exactly, but they brought a bunch of little soccer players out on to the field for the national anthems (plural because Salt Lake was playing against Vancouver, so we got to sit through "O Canada").

The sun going down as OUR national anthem was being sung.

Beautiful evening!

Drew was...semi impressed. Mostly tired and overwhelmed. He did well, all things considered.

Loved the Real logo and mascot (lion).

The only thing that was between us and the players was a sign. Seriously. I took these shots with my 30mm lens, so this is pretty close to what you would see with your naked eye. We were so close, Drew almost caught a ball with his face, at one point.

The game got pretty heated near the end. Lots of angst and action. We even got to witness a few punches thrown.

I'm so thankful for the folks that made this night possible and I'm tickled by how it all came together for Rob. He had one heck of a birthday this year! He said he was having a hard time deciding whether riding in a racecar at the speedway or getting to see the soccer game was his favorite. I just think it will chalk up to be the birthday he never forgets. Happy 6th birthday, Rob!

One more. The beautiful, sold out Rio Tinto Stadium. You'll want to click on this one.

Daisy Granny Heart Bunting

Modern Summer Herringbone Throw

Monkey & Frog

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Eek! They're sooooo cute! If I can say so myself. =)

Happy 4th!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hope you had a wonderful 4th!

Update: Sweet Potato Baby Blanket

So, I had an adverse reaction to my mystery post about this afghan. My grandmother was under the impression that we were expecting again. Oops! Nope! We're still a two-kid household and plan on staying as such, unless God deems otherwise. Sorry for the alarm! =)

The afghan was actually made to use as a prop for a newborn session I had last Saturday. I then gave it to the new mama as a gift. You can see those images here.

July's Banner

Confession: I haven't updated my banner since Easter. Blame it on being busy and uninspired. Hopefully I can redeem myself today. Happy and safe 4th!

Christmas in July

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

No one wants to think about Christmas already, but I have to! You all know that Christmas is my busiest time of year when it comes to custom orders. While I'm thankful, I also hate starting the new year crippled. Help me out by ordering your Christmas items TODAY instead of mid-December. Let me make your loved ones a one-of-a-kind gift this year!

Sweet Potato Baby Blanket

Monday, June 23, 2014

I really love this sweet, timeless pattern. I have special plans for this afghan. :-)

Newborn Boy Set

Monday, June 9, 2014

Custom order. Newborn Suspender Diaper Cover, Newsie Hat, and Button Booties. Patterns on my project page. Visit me on Facebook to order your own!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Custom order. Elephant with yellow fabric ribbon.

Order yours today!

Baby Girl Afghans

Friday, May 30, 2014

Two more baby girl afghans finished. These were gifts for new babies in our church.

Daisy Afghan

Textured Random Stripe Afghan

Memorial Day Menu

Monday, May 26, 2014

After a crazy month, I'm okay with doing Memorial Day on our own. I'm looking forward to sitting down to a nice, home-cooked meal with my family unit, thanking God for the men and women who serve or have served our country.
Our menu today comes straight from Pinterest. You know I'm a big Pinterest meal planner! I thought I would share those recipes with you, and help keep our favorites handy for next time.
Happy and safe Memorial Day!
Grilled Pork Chops with Chipotle Marinade
Crock Pot Cheddar Cream Corn
Cheesecake Fruit Salad
Caesar Salad Kit (Walmart)

Denver Trip/Nate & Joelle's Wedding

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Well, another trip to Denver is in the bag. Our main focus was visiting family and shooting/attending Nate and Joelle's wedding, but we did managed to do some touristy things, like experience Casa Bonita and see two days worth of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Other than that, it was just hanging around and visiting. We also went to see "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" with the siblings. Nothing huge this time, but a good visit nonetheless.

The drive down was filled with crazy weather and the drive back included carsickness. The boys did really well, otherwise. I gave them a huge box filled with activities of all sorts and we bought a portable DVD player system that kept them entertained for the 12-hour trip. Luckily, we avoided taking our dogs, thanks to some dear friends who offered to take care of them at the last minute. I can only imagine what the drive would have been like with them. It was already kind of stressful to begin with.

The wedding went rather smooth. You can read more about that here. I just love these two and thoroughly enjoyed sharing their special day with them. Congratulations, Nate and Joelle!

Missing far-away family and looking forward to the next time we can be together.

Rob's Kindergarten Graduation

Monday, April 28, 2014

We officially have a first-grader in the house! Today, Rob graduated kindergarten and boy was he excited! Ms. Lark is such a dear friend and we were blessed that she was Rob's teacher this year. He has truly blossomed!

Ms. Lark: What did you like best about this year?
Rob: Tea time.
Ms. Lark: Why tea time?
Rob: Because of the snacks! Oh, and the books we read.

Getting his diploma.

Having a face-to-face chat with Ms. Lark. He loves her soooooo much!

Big boy moment! Watch out, first grade!

Easter at Grandma's

Monday, April 21, 2014

We spent the Saturday before Easter with my folks opening baskets, hunting eggs, eating a ham dinner, and then target shooting. It was great, but I'm pretty sure the boys ate their weight in sugar!