Update: Rental Car

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We returned the rental car without any issues, thankfully. The girl was very nice and understanding about the whole situation. She informed us that all their damaged cars are sent to Boise for corporate to evaluate. She also told us that more often than not, if the damage is minimal (as it is in this situation), they usually just let it slide and just fix the issue themselves. If the car was not drivable or totaled, we would have a problem. So, we should be hearing from them in a week or so if we'll have to pay for repairs. Otherwise, we won't hear from them at all. Cher raised a very good point when I called and updated her - we're their customers and they probably want to keep it that way, so we might have that weight behind us in this situation. We did everything right, we weren't at fault, and were very honest about it all. It's not a guarantee, but here's praying! Please be praying also!