Home Again, Home Again

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We got home last night around 9:30pm and boy were we pooped! The trip home seemed to take much longer, partially because we kept getting lost or side-tracked with stops. By the time we got lost for the third time, we all had a meltdown. It was ugly. Finally, we got back on track and things settled down. We just wanted to go home! When we finally did get home, we pretty much all crashed. Much to Matt and I's dismay, despite going to bed late, Robby still decided to wake us at 6:30am. I wanted to cry I was so tired. I got up and fed Robby his cereal, but then Matt was nice enough to stay up with him and let me sleep a little more. I ended up sleeping until 10:30am! Now I just feel dazed. Robby's a mess; I think he misses everyone's attention. Needless to say, we didn't make it to church this morning. I'm dreading tomorrow, as it will be back to life as usual for us. Matt will have to go back to work and so will I. We're thankful for the time we got to spend with family, though, and the time we got to spend away from home and life in general. I just hate transitioning into it, again!

I can't believe I forgot - probably because Dad was reading over my shoulder as I wrapped up the last post! While we were with the family, Nate, my oldest brother-in-law, was waiting on a call from Lockheed Martin concerning an internship. On Friday morning, he finally got the call (since Mom and Dad let him stay home to be with us). He got it! He got the internship! When he gets to college, Lockheed will pay him $13/hr. every summer and will have a job opportunity open to him when he graduates! Talk about a chance of a lifetime! We're so, so proud of him!

Well, it's back to the usual routine, unfortunately. Luckily, the week will be broken up by Dad and Kathy visiting on Wednesday or Thursday. Should be fun! We haven't seen them since last October, so I'm sure they'll be thrilled to see the changes in Robby over the months. Boy has he changed since then! Oh, and I'll make sure to update on the car. We haven't returned it as of yet, but I'll post the results of the incident as soon as I can. Here's praying.

Here's some photos of our trip of everyone:

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