Denver Trip: Day 4

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 4 was fairly uneventful. We ate breakfast with the family, let Robby take his morning nap, and then Matt, Robby, and I all went out just to get out of the house for a bit. We ended up going to a really neat children's second-hand store called Kid to Kid, where we found Robby a pair of really cute sandals and an Elmo DVD. After wandering around the store for awhile, we continued our tradition of going out to lunch to our favorite Colorado restaurant, Chipotle. Mmm. I really wish we had one of those back home! After that, we went to a nice area that contained Aurora's library, city center, police station, and museum to do some shutterbugging. We spent quite awhile there, letting Robby enjoy the view from his stroller and playing in the grass while we took photos. After that, we took a quick trip to Target for a few things and then came home.

That evening after dinner, we started up a game of Man Bites Dog, a hilarious card game where you have to make up headlines. It's always a huge hit with whoever we play with and we've played with Matt's folks before, but Grandma Jeanne had never played before. Let's just say it got increasingly louder and wilder as the game progressed. The game reached it's pinnacle when Dad laid down his hand that read "Dog Dumps Again" - crude toilet humor, but the laughter that ensued carried on for a good 15-20 minutes until we were almost in tears. The funniest part was just how amused Dad was over his own play - his face was bright purple! I really hope we get to play again, soon!

Today has been good so far. We're going to try and go to the park to let all the kids play and then go and pick up poor Nate, who's been stuck doing a ridiculous amount of homework while we've been here, so we can spend a little time alone with him. He deserves our undivided attention. Until tomorrow!