Miscellaneous Update

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some random updates. Don't you just love these kinds of posts? You just never know what you're going to get.

Last Friday, Matt and I went on a date and we got to see The Piano Guys in concert! If you haven't seen these guys before, please check out their YouTube page. As Steven Sharp Nelson (the cellist) put it, "Classical is the broccoli of the music world. Not everyone likes it, but the few who do REALLY like it. We're just adding a little butter to that broccoli." Well put!

Oh, and our date was wonderful, too. =)

On Saturday night, we had my family over for my belated birthday dinner. We had to postpone our original arrangement because my grandpa was in the hospital with heart failure. Yeah. Needless to say, we were immensely blessed to have him here with us for dinner.

Rob helping Daddy rake leaves for the first time. He did a pretty good job!

 The supervisor.

Matt rockin' out in the front yard.

 After selling my cowl last week, I thought I should add some more warm stuff to my shop. Winter is the time when yarn goods shine! Here's a Crochet Cable Scarf I made over the weekend. I love the design and think it should be made into a blanket somehow.

Someone requested a blue earflap hat, so here you go, Cher. It's waiting for you. If you don't want it, I'll happily steal it from you. =) Did this one completely from my head. There's a pun in there somewhere. 

My attempt at making a fall centerpiece for our table. I think it's purdy, especially against my cheap-o Walmart tablecloth.

My first handmade wreath. Wreath from the Youth Ranch; leaves and ribbon from Walmart.

 My sick boys. =( Poor babies caught something overnight. We all are working on very little sleep today. Drew has it the worst. I'm still not feeling 100%, myself. Just the same junk I've been dealing with for two or three weeks, now. To top it off, Matt woke up with a swollen eye yesterday morning; what we later diagnosed as a stye. It was killing him. The pressure was giving him a tremendous headache and making it hard to drive and work. Darn these fallen bodies!

That's all for now. Just trying to push through sicknesses and the daily norm. Off to go cuddle with my little guys.