Friday, August 21, 2009

It seems like life is taking another great shift for us. With baby #2 on the way, job "reorganizing", and new opportunities to serve at church, life seems like it will never be the same again. I like it.

This pregnancy has gone fairly seamless, so far. I have yet to make my first prenatal appointment, but I'm waiting until I'm ten or eleven weeks so they'll actually be willing to see me. Most doctors won't see you until you're that far along and Dr. Dan yelled at me last time for coming in too soon, so I'm waiting. Plus, I'm in no rush to start the poking, prodding, and nagging party just yet. This was the part I hated last time, but I know that it is vital. I promise to be a good girl and make all my appointments. As for symptoms, I've been fortunate again this time and haven't had much sickness. A little queasiness here and there, but mostly, I'm just tired. Between growing a human and only being able to take Benedryl for my terrible allergies, I feel as if I'm always walking around half-awake - probably because I am only half-awake.

Robby's been keeping me on my toes, too. He's not making it easy on me. He's doing great with his walking, though. He's getting braver and braver each day! I notice he's attempting to walk to a destination rather than crawl, now. Most of the time, he makes it atleast halfway, if not all the way. No real talking, yet. He'll say one word once in awhile, but mostly he just babbles. A lot. He sounds like he could be saying something very important - if only I knew the language! I try to work with him and teach him the names of various things, but all he'll give me is something that resembles "that" and "is it" and "see it". It's sometimes entertaining to listen to him ramble, though. His teeth give him a slight "sss" in everything, so he sometimes sounds like he's speaking Japanese or something. I feel bad for laughing...sometimes.

Since Matt's job was sold to another company, there have been some changes for him at work. Some good, some questionable. He's happy to be able to sport his beard again and to have shorts this summer, but we are anticipating some income and possibly even position changes in the near future. He had to "interview" for his job and some new positions yesterday - a complete waste of time, if you ask me. It was limited to just current employees, so I figure that they should know where to place everyone. But I don't have a college education, so don't listen to my logic. Although Matt wasn't completely enthusiastic about the whole thing, he still put great effort into his interview answers and impressed one of his bosses, who called to tell him so this morning. I'm proud of him for trying, even when he really didn't want to. If he stays a driver, he would be switched from salary to hourly - good and bad. Great for summertime when everyone's buying cold drinks, but bad for winter when things are slow. He was told that despite the change, he still would possibly be making more per year, which is definitely good for us. It's in God's hands, now, and I know that either way, He will provide.

As for church, we'll be celebrating our year mark at Magic Valley Bible Church sometime next month and we'll finally be able to become true members, soon. Hoorah! We've actually really looked forward to finally being "officially" part of the flock. Then they'll be stuck with us forever! Muahahaha! I never thought I'd see myself serving in a church as much as we're starting to, but I'm actually rather enjoying it. Matt and I are still on Children's Church rotation and enjoy teaching very much. Matt has signed up to lead in AWANA, which I'm sure he will do very well at - he's so good with kids! I would like to be more involved, but I'm trying not to load my plate up while I'm pregnant. I help here and there when I can. I already have a job for VBS next year, though, evidently. Not outreach, thankfully! I'll be doing registration instead and probably the same publication and photography work I did this year (if they'll let me). But my kids will come first, so I guess it's all up in the air for now.

October is fast-approaching and we were really hoping to find a house to rent before our lease is up, but it doesn't look like that will be happening. Not a huge deal. We'll just sign another lease and try again. We've looked at some houses to rent, but everything's out of our price range. Maybe with the changes at Matt's work, our income will be enough where we can't afford more in rent and be able to move. The thought of having another child to house is a little unsettling, but luckily we'll be okay for a time with either gender. Although, I am hoping for another boy, both out of convenience and experience.

Fair time is in a couple weeks and we'll be entering photos again this year. I think Matt's more excited about than I am, if that was possible. We've worked hard all year and carefully chose our entries and will be entering them in Advanced Amateur on purpose this year. I know it means more competition and stiffer judging, but it'll be worth it. Just being able to do this together and to show our hard work is what makes it worth it! I'll make sure to post about our entries when the time comes so you'll know what to look for.

I think that's everything for now. I've just been trying to keep busy, grow a baby, chase a toddler, support a husband, tend a household, and stay awake. Prayers appreciated, as always. :)