Pregnancy & Life Stages

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Okay, so this is an odd comparison, but I got to thinking about the different stages of pregnancy and how it (roughly) related to the different stages of life. Stick with me on this, because I thought it was amusing. Hopefully you do a little, too.

Pregnancy Stage: First Trimester
Life Stage: 0-30 Years
Similarities: You start your life throwing up, crying, eating, and sleeping. Your body eventually ends up going into hormonal overdrive, causing your head to become an oil slick. No one really wants to be around you because you're known to "fly off the handle" at times. You still spend much of your time crying, eating, and sleeping.

Pregnancy Stage: Second Trimester
Life Stage: 30-50 Years
Similarities: "Carefree" days. Life has usually settled down by this time and you get into the rhythm of daily life. The thought of "the end" distresses you a little, but you're having too much fun to really worry about it. Life is good. However, you do notice your waistline, energy, and memory quickly disappearing.

Pregnancy Stage: Third Trimester
Life Stage: 50 Years-Death
Similarities: You feel your body starting to give. You waddle (slowly) everywhere and you pee yourself whenever you sneeze, cough, laugh, etc. You eventually get to the point where you need help standing up, tying your shoes, or getting out of bed. You find yourself reminiscing about the "good 'ole days" quite a bit. Heaven help you if you fall down. You pray for it to be over soon.