Father's Day

Monday, June 22, 2009

I realize I'm a day behind on this, but the day got away from me yesterday.

I just wanted to wish all the dads out there (I doubt any read this blog, but I don't want the few that do to feel left out) and the men in my life a happy Father's Day. You have a very special job in life and are incredibly appreciated!

Thank you to my dad for being in my life, even though we didn't know each other since the beginning, but I feel immensely blessed to have you in my life now! I look forward to getting to know you more and more.

Thank you to my grandpa, who stood in as my dad for a long time, even when he didn't have to. Thank you for raising me and teaching me the important things in life - like how to change oil, paint side racks for a pickup, and the "dump song". :)

A huge thank you to my husband, who, by the Grace of God, is a fantastic father. I couldn't of asked for a better companion and father to our son. We are so blessed to have you and I know our children will grow up to be good parents because of you and your steadfastness in the faith and your love for the Lord.

I love you all!