Our California Trip

Monday, May 22, 2017

After a really tough winter, we definitely were ready for a warm, fun vacation. So, we headed south to visit Nana in California for a week! As usual, it was quite the adventure and lots and lots of fun!

 The first stop on our trip was San Francisco. Matt wanted to explore the city more thoroughly than we had time for last time, so we ended up spending two nights there. Crazy city!

After a decent night's sleep, we headed to Pier 39 to see the Aquarium of the Bay, which was Drew's request. This was the first time the boys had ever been to a real aquarium. The touch pools and tunnels were a definite hit.

After finishing the aquarium, we ate lunch and continued down the pier. Near the end, we did the 7D Experience and rode the carousel.

When we were tired of walking, we boarded a tour bus and rode it ALL over the city -- even over the Golden Gate Bridge TWICE!

Per Rob's request, we went to Ripley's Believe it or Not! Interesting place.

The next day, we drove the seven or eight hours down to Nana's house. We were still so pooped from our San Francisco adventure, we just sat around the house the next day.

After getting all rested up, we decided to go explore Balboa Park in San Diego the next day. We barely scratched the surface and definitely want to visit this place again next time! SO BEAUTIFUL!

We stopped for lunch at a fun little Mexican restaurant in San Diego. We all really loved this city and want to explore more of it next time.

We topped off the day with a quick trip to Coronado, where we walked on the beach and saw the famous Hotel del Coronado.

The next day, we all piled into Nana's car and went to Knott's Berry Farm! Even Cousin Dana joined us. The boys got to ride pretty much any ride they wanted, so they did!

We decided to take it easy the following day, so we ate a quick lunch at In-N-Out and headed to Oceanside Beach. It's our favorite!

We decided to stay one extra day so we could spend it with Aunt Janice. We all went to La Jolla to see the seals. It was stinky and crowded, but still a neat place to visit.

The next day, we had to head home. It was a long, boring drive through Nevada and we were all pretty sad to have to say goodbye to Nana. But we had another super fun trip and can't wait for next time!