My Story Isn't Over

Monday, February 6, 2017

Golden Hour on the Farm - Buhl, Idaho - 2016

I'm not a poet. I used to write them for school assignments, but haven't written any in several years. (Don't judge.) Sometimes a line or two pops into my head and I save them on my phone and add to them when I think of another line or two. It's very organic and rough.

My Story Isn't Over

I have cried my eyes dry,
I have screamed my lungs breathless,
I have opened my veins crimson,
I have beaten my face bruised.

I have taken too many pills,
I have denied myself nourishment,
I have run away from love,
I have buried myself in pain.

I have seen the heights of happiness,
I have delved the depths of darkness,
I have seen the mountain peak,
I have laid in the endless valley.

I have begged for death,
I have fought to live,
I have drank the laughter,
I have drowned in sorrow.

I have slept with an angel at my side,
I have woken with a demon on my back,
I have fought the beast of day,
I have feared the shadows of night.

I have screamed at Him, "I'm done!"
I have heard Him reply, "I'm not,"
My story isn't over,
The Author declares it so.