We Survived!

Friday, September 13, 2013

With Rob starting kindergarten and co-op and both boys in AWANA, it really changed our normal routine at home. Suddenly, I was shuttling Rob to Filer (about a 10-15 minute drive from us) four days a week and then to co-op at the church on Friday. And I only had to "supervise" one child during the day. It really threw me off. But we made it through our first week, unscathed, but quite pooped. You really take for granted having little ones in the house until they suddenly have a social/academic schedule!

Here's my Cubbie and my Sparkie on the first night of AWANA. They both had a blast and are looking forward to the year!

The boys finished off our busy week by helping Daddy wash the truck. I supervised. It's what I'm good at. We covered that, if you recall.

Rob LOVES school and loves co-op even more (when I came to pick him up, he asked if he could stay and do more classes). Drew is having a hard time adjusting to not being able to do what Brother is doing, but has enjoyed having the TV and toys to himself for a change. I'd like to think he's enjoying his time with me, but I would just being lying to make myself feel better. And me? I'm tired. Extremely tired. But it's a good growing/stretching/adapting tired. I'm just glad tomorrow's Saturday and I don't have to do anything but crochet!