Drew's Birthday

Monday, April 1, 2013

After a great week of visiting with Matt's folks and doing my sister-in-law's senior photos, we said good-bye to them on Saturday morning and proceeded to celebrate Drew's birthday. I can't believe this little guy is THREE!

To start things off, we received a package from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Roger. It was a brand new tricycle! (We had wanted to get it for him, but couldn't afford it.) So, we took off for Walmart to pick out a helmet; Drew picked out a Hot Wheels one, of course. Then we loaded up the truck (Charlotte included) and headed down to the school down the way and let the boys ride their bikes. This was Drew's first time on a bike, so teaching him how to pedal was an interesting experience. But he's slowly getting it. Just needs to work those muscles!

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After they were done riding, we walked over to the playground and played for a bit. Then we went home for lunch and a nap. Those boys were pretty pooped!

After naptime, we went to Great-Grandma's and had Easter dinner and an egg hunt.

The boys look forward to this every year!

Drew was so freaked out by this old tree stump, he made me go in after the egg for him.

Found all the eggs!

While we were waiting for dinner to finish, the boys and I walked over the canal to play on an old tractor. Perfect photo op.

After dinner, Grams took the boys for a ride on her four-wheeler.

And then Daddy wanted a turn. We'll act surprised.

Then we sang to the little guy and had cake.

The next day, we ate cake again at home. An excuse, right?

Happy birthday, Drewser!